All About Cake Tins

All About Cake Tins

Dozens of shapes and sizes of cake tins can be found in cake and kitchen supply stores. There are 2 main kinds of cake tins – traditional cake pans, and novelty cake pans.

Traditional Cake Tins

Traditional cake tins are round, square and rectangular. These shapes are the most common and they come in several different sizes. The large rectangular cake tins are usually used for sheet cakes. Round cake tins, are perhaps the most popular ones and most traditional ones.

Both rectangular and square cake tins come with sharp corners as well as rounded corners. Sharp corners are usually on professional cake tins. They will make nice professional sharp edges, when covered with fondant. Rounded edged square cake tins are widely available in most of the supermarkets. They have usually shorter sides than the professional ones. Rounded corners make it easier, to work with the fondant, but the corners aren’t as professional looking.

Novelty Cake Tins

Non-traditional cake tins or novelty cake pans are all the other shapes out there. And there is a endless amount of them, from fairy princesses to Peppa Pig characters, you name it, and chances are that there is a cake tin out there for you.

Novelty cake tins make your life somewhat easier, since you don’t have to shape your cake yourself, and can bake ready-made 3D cake. You still have to ice and decorate the cake, but the hard part is done for you. It’s making your life only little bit easier, cause if you go way overboard with your buttercream or ganache, you will lose the shape of the cake, and have just a random looking cake on the table. So if your decorating skills aren’t the strongest, it can actually make your life much harder. In this instance, a simple round or square cake tins will come to your aid, just add a edible icing image on top and you’re done.