Clearabee: The leading company in Rubbish Removal London

With its vast population, it is no surprise that London produces lots of rubbish. That poses an issue for those trying to beautify the populous city.

More effective municipal rubbish collection, improved recycling facilities, stricter refuse dumping regulations can only do much to decrease the amount of dangerous and sometimes unsightly rubbish. The community can only help with lesser problems such as litter, but cannot address severe issues. Ironically, beautification efforts can generate rubbish, as well.

The case of rubbish removal London has exacting needs. Clearabee, a professional rubbish removal service, can help.


Community beautification projects


Community beautification efforts make excellent strides in beautifying and restoring the glory of London, but they can hardly do it alone. Meaning that whether organised by the local authorities or local groups, the work will definitely need to be managed by a professional service company at some point.

No denying, collecting rubbish in public spaces like parks and streets is a huge project. The rubbish typically entails plastics, glass bottles, bottles, organic waste such as leaves and food, and much more.

Clearabee offers the sanitation tools such as bins and gloves to help the project. This company later collects the refuse accumulated and transport it with their lorries to the landfills to be recycled and processed.


Individual beautification projects


Individual homeowners can landscape the garden area and renovate the dilapidated property, therefore, making a contribution to the beauty of the communities. Inevitably, this will create unwanted refuse that needs to be removed. Construction refuse from home renovations is more modest compared to that from construction efforts; however, is still unsightly and dangerous.

Once a garden or dream home makeover is competed, engaging a professional rubbish removal London company is the perfect way to conclude this project. Clearabee is in a good position to handle everything.


Construction beautification projects


London’s construction sector is vibrant – there is always lots of construction going on. Such projects are great for a growing city, but they also generate lots of rubbish. Cleanups have to be there to make sure the community isn’t buried in rubbish.

Unlike community beautification efforts, rubbish from construction sites is mostly organic rubble and recycling it is essential. A rubbish removal London company is needed to upcycle this rubbish. Clearabee has the resources and skills to take good care of it.


Beautifying societies


When it comes to rubbish removal London;, Clearabee has been a significant player. Together with many beautifying societies, Clearabee firm has held regionwide campaigns for rubbish removal in this populous city, London.

Volunteers offer every household with rubbish bags to place in their dustbins for easy disposal. Once full, homeowners empty the rubbish into wheelie bins that are generally placed in strategic positions within the neighborhoods.

The societies then assigned lorries from the local government a regular schedule to collect as well as dispose of the refuse at the landfills. The project is anticipated to bring an end to the rubbish issue in London. But the landfills fill up very quickly. Thus, Clearabee has come up with innovative ways of upcycling some of the rubbish.

The company has developed a plant, which processes organic rubbish to fertiliser. The fertiliser is then sold to horticultural farmers at a subsidised price in Europe.

Clearabee is the United Kingdom’s most massive man & van rubbish clearance firm. The company was launched in 2012, and it began with one lorry. Currently, Clearabee has a fleet of eighty lorries and one hundred and eighty employees. They don’t subcontract their collection; hence, they are 100% compliant with all the legal requirements and affordable. They take pride with their nationwide availability, trained workforce, and ability to provide services at any given day and time.