Eyelash Extensions – from Classic to Volume, there’s something for everyone

Lash extensions can range from from subtle and simple extensions to the most dramatic, extravagant and glamorous lash looks – there is a lash style for everyone. They can be a simple enhancement of the natural beauty as well a luxurious addition to the already glamorous look.

Eyelash Extensions come in a variety of lengths, curves and colours and the technique in which they are applied, also differs. For example, there is the one-on-one technique of Classic Lashes as well as a many-on-one technique of the Russian Volume Lashes. Let’s look at them all below.

Classic Lashes

The most natural eyelash extension style is the Classic Lashes. The classic lash style is also known as the Mascara look for how natural it looks. This is the best option for those who want to have an everyday look without having to worry about applying mascara on a daily basis.

Russian Volume Lashes

The most luxurious and glamorous looking lash style is the Russian Volume Lashes is the most luxurious looking lash style –

In this technique multiple lashes are applied to one natural eyelash – to be more precise, it is normally between 3-7 lash extensions that are made into fans and then applied to the natural lashes. This eyelash extension style is perfect for those who are after a dramatic, a bit over the top look.

Hybrid Lashes

In between the Classic Lashes & the Volume Lashes is the Hybrid Lashes – this is a combination of the two styles where a mix on single lash extensions as well as fans of extensions are applied to the natural lashes. This lash style offer a thicker,s denser & more luscious look than Classic Lashes, but isn’t as dramatic as Russian Volume Lashes. Whatever your preference, there is a style for everyone. All of the above lash extensions styles can also be customised for each customer takign into account their face, eye and eyebrow shape as well as the colour of their hair. Most lash extension stylist are happy to cater to their customers’ needs and preferences.