Photography Equipment Reviews- 10 Cool Picture Viewers

Recently a chum of mine become making plans a Photo Eurail Adventure. He stated he was going to shop for 4 or 5 greater Compact Flash Cards, so that he could have enough room for all of his photographs. “Eben,” I said, “get a Multimedia Storage DVR. When you top off a card just switch your snap shots to it.” Then we sincerely began to think about the possibilities. “You may even bring your complete photograph collection with you on the journey to Europe. You might also as nicely display off your artwork, in preference to just speakme approximately it. Put your Tunes, Movies and Lake Tahoe snowboarding motion pictures on it.” It changed into the perfect answer. He was flying back domestic before the trip, he should show each person all of his images and bring all of his track with him.

You have spent years accumulating tune, movies, TV indicates and Photos. Get it collectively with a PMD Personal . With up to 100Gb reminiscence, these cool players assist you to transfer pretty tons all of your images and enjoyment and take it everywhere you move. There are a dozen of them out now, all by using unique corporations, each one the usage of unique codecs with distinct capabilities which ones nice for you? How many giga bytes should you buy? We compare 10 incredible photograph viewers to help you determine.

Keep It Short and Sweet Equipment Review.

1. Archos AV700 100GB and AV700 40 GB Mobile Digital Video Recorder

The AV700 with its great 7″ LCD and 480×234 pixel display is your media partner. It lets you shop up to four hundred hours of video, 250 films, 55,000 songs or 1,000,000 pics. A 100GB potential in an eight-inch gadget is large! You can document and play thousands of TV indicates and movies. The AV700 lets you get video and song content from Microsoft PlaysForSure web web sites. Now you could take all your amusement with you everywhere you go. Using the Archos AV700 rechargeable battery, you may arise to 30 hours of lifestyles for music and as much as four hours for video playback. Transfer thru a USB 2.0 connection. Then arrange your images and watch slide indicates on the unit’s display screen or any TV. Weight 210 oz., Dimensions: 4.2″x8.2″x0.Eight”

2. Archos AV500 100GB and AV500 30 GB Multimedia Player DVR

The AV 500 has a 4″, 480×272 pixel display. You can shop up to a hundred thirty hours of domestic motion pictures, up to eighty five films, up to 15,000 songs or as much as three hundred,000 pix at the 30 GB ability. Up to a million images with the 100GB AV500. It’s the correct digital photo companion. USB 2.0 excessive-pace records transfers. Download photographs out of your pc. Organize photos and display them in slide shows, file TV applications, movies and domestic films immediately out of your TV, VCR, DVD, cable and watch on the cross! Schedule programs up to month in advance. The AV 500 functions a music participant and stereo audio system. Easily organize songs and customize your tune. Archos AV500 Multimedia Player also records in WAV (PCM or ADPCM) and from analog stereo sources. A stereo microphone to file notes or a live performance. It even comes with a pleasant case! Weight: 11.11oz, Dimensions 7.6″x12.Four”x2.4″

three. Epson P-4000 80 GB and P-2000 forty GB Multimedia Storage Viewers

The Epson Viewers have a three.8″ LCD with 640×480 pixels. View, shop, and playback snap shots, music, and films. Plus pay attention to MP3 and AAC audio documents. The Epson’s include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Downloading reminiscence cards to the P-2000 is short and easy. Images are supplied in organizations of 12, you pick a photo then you can zoom in and pass round to check the images information. When you click on the show button, it gives you photo information which include the report size, and other crucial picture facts. Once you have got viewed and edited your photographs you can save the document at the Epson P-4000 eighty GB, P-2000 40 GB difficult power. The Epson Storage Viewer has a video interface for connecting to a tv, monitor, or projector. The picture viewer has direct printing to a few Epson printers with out a computer (Epson Stylus Photo R300, R320, R600, and PictureMate). Weight: 1lb, Dimensions: five.8″x3.Three”x1.2″

4. Samsung Yepp YH-999 20 GB Portable Media Center

The Yepp has a three.Five” LCD display and at less than an inch thick is a Windows primarily based transportable multimedia tool that makes it clean to keep and your precious photographs and play as much as 5000 songs, 80 hr. Of TV and movies, Movie/Music/Picture Formats: MP3, WMA, WMV and JPEG. Features a USB 2.Zero interface. For speedy transfers. With the Yepp you can revel in and proportion your favored entertainment with own family and buddies. It’s easy to sync your music, video and pix together, Hooks up to a TV or stereo. Yepp it’s got a rechargeable battery. (I could not assist it) or even displays album art to your albums. This is a very well designed multimedia tool however it is no longer mac like minded. Weight: 8oz, Dimensions three.82″x4.21″x.83″

4. SmartDisk FlashTrax XT eighty GB and XT40GB Digital Multimedia Player

The FlashTrax has a turn up 3.6″ shade LCD display. Transfer, save and percentage virtual snap shots with the potential to zoom and pan. A slide display feature previews images and allows you to feature history music. Thousands of excessive resolution pictures suit into this portable multimedia player. It also records and performs films and TV. Connect FlashTrax XT to a TV or video Portable Mobile Projector for large display viewing with own family and buddies. The FlashTrax XT , watch movies and videos at your table, on your automobile or on a aircraft everywhere. A Compact Flash reader slot is constructed in and with an adapter the FlashTrax XT transfers pics from all popular flash reminiscence cards. Connect FlashTrax XT to your TV and show your pictures to circle of relatives and friends! Weight: 15oz, Dimensions: three.82″x6.22″x1.38″

6. IRiver PMP-one hundred forty 40 GB Portable Media Player

The PMP-one hundred forty with it is three.Five” LCD display screen helps you to take your audio and video media files with you on all your adventures. With an notable 40 GB of garage is not only for virtual pix, it plays full-colour, full-motion video, too. The unit has a large three.5-inch TFT LCD and an audio input so that you can load audio from different gadgets, without a computer. The iRiver PMP-a hundred and forty doubles as a voice recorder, with its built in mic. Transfer media documents to the PMP-a hundred and forty, Via USB 2.Zero. You can store as much as 160 hours of video or up to one,two hundred hours of song. The iRiver PMP-a hundred and forty supports codecs MP3 and WMA to WMV and DivX (AVI) video and BMP/JPEG picture documents. Weight: 2.6lbs, Dimensions: 8.1″x7.Five”x3.9″