Should your middle school child get a phone?

Most parents are confused about the right age when they should hand a smartphone to their kids for personal use. The thing about smartphones is that they are linked to the internet and no matter how amazing the internet it, it does have some serious drawbacks that can harm your kid in so many ways. Thus many parents are afraid to expose their kids to such threats at an early age.

But the thing is that today everything operates over the internet. From communication to education, everything is linked to the internet in some way. So the question is whether your kid needs a smartphone is middle age or not? Well, there isn’t yes or no answer to that because every parent is different.

There are parents who feel disconnected to their child without smartphones thus they would provide their kids with smartphones just to ease their mind because it helps them get in touch with their kids while they are at school or with friends.

Whereas there are those parents as well who are reluctant to provide their kids with smartphones at such early age because they feel that the kids are naïve and are unable to differentiate between right and wrong thus it would be stupid to hand a device in their hands that they can’t understand fully.

Although, the comments of both types of parents are right in their own way but there is middle ground as well. Cell phones have become a necessity so you will have to give one to your kid at some point. But never give one without restrictions. Use parental control app like KidSecured to monitor their activities online and limit their screen time so that they are not fully in control of the device. Visit to know more about KidSecured.