Top 5 Most Popular Cookie Cutters.

Gone are the days, where all your cookies were plain round or square shaped. These days there are endless amount of different cookie cutters out there, something for every theme and occasion.

Here are our top 5 pick of cookie cutters at the moment.

  1. Anything Marvel

Marvel superhero movies have never been more popular than they are at the moment, which makes everything related to them popular as well. Some of the more popular Marvel cookie cutters are Wonder Woman and all time classics – Batman.

  1. Anything Disney

Disney is kind of like a kids version of Marvel. Every little boy and girl loves all of those Disney movies and cartoons,and they all want to see their favourite character on their Birthday table. Whether it’s Cars or Mickey & Minnie, Princesses or Frozen all of these cookie cutters are super popular.

  1. Unicorn

Unicorn together with the next top pick Mermaid, is probably the biggest craze in baking in the past 2-3 years, and well quite frankly it goes way beyond baking, as all the little girls want everything unicorn and everything mermaid in their life, that includes their birthday cakes and cookies. There is huge variety of unicorn cutters available, ranging from simple unicorn horns to whole super detailed unicorns.

  1. Mermaid

It’s hard to say which came first, unicorn or mermaid madness, but they are both here and seems that the popularity is not going anywhere. There are more and more mermaid cookie cutters coming out all the time, and it seems that they are here to stay.

  1. Any Cartoon

In reality, any popular cartoon out there will be popular on a birthday table as well. If you can organise Thomas, Paw Patrol or Baby Shark cake or cookies for your little ones birthday, you’ll be probably the best parent in this world, and your kid will remember it for a while.